Manufacturing Capabilities


  • We, at JENITH TECHNOCAST PVT. LTD. are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by manufacturing And providing services of all types of Structural Fabrication / engineering work as per customer’s specifications.

  • This, we shall achieve through.

    • Continual improvement in our productivity, Quality, development of employees.
    • Continual improvement in our Environment, Health and safety performance. Ensure the Prevention of pollution and compliance to the applicable statutory requirements.
    • Conserving natural resources like electricity, water and other resources and by minimizing waste generation.
    • Adopting technology and system in product and process that will minimize environmental & health hazard.
    • Educate, train and motivate our employees to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
    • Our aim is to provide safe, clean and green environment.
    • Providing best quality with on time delivery.

  • We will communicate this policy to all employees, and it will be made available to all interested parties and review periodically.


  • We, at JTPL, are committed to Manufacturing and Supply of Engineering Fabricated Components as per customer’s requirements.

  • This, we shall achieve through:

    • Continual Improvement in our Productivity, Best Quality and Prompt Services.
    • Monitoring and maintaining required environment affecting parameters.
    • Compliance's of applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
    • By reducing generation of hazardous waste.
    • By Conservation of natural resources like water, electricity and other sources..
    • Educate, Train and motivate our employees to carry out their task in an environmentally responsible manner
    • By providing Best Quality with prompt service along with profitable manner.

  • We, will communicate this policy to all employees and it will be made available to applicable interested parties and reviewed periodically.


  • JTPL is committed to provide safe and healthy work environment for the prevention of work related injuries and ill health. Safety is our core values. We strive to be a leader in safety excellence in the global business.

  • We are committed to the following ;

    • Maintain and continually Improve our management systems to eliminate hazards and reduce health & safety risks to all levels.
    • Comply all applicable health & safety legal and other requirements
    • Integrate health & safety procedures and best practices into every operational activity with assigned responsibilities at all levels.
    • Involve our employees and business associates in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment through consultation and participation of employee.
    • Promptly report and investigate on incidents, Accident, Injuries, Fatalities and industrial disease and prevent recurrences.
    • Influence our business associates in enhancing their health and safety standards and align with health & safety codes and practices.

  • We shall ensure the availability of appropriate resources at all time to fully implement and communicate this policy to all interested parties and periodically review its relevant in continuously changing business environment.